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Your trusted guide for developing innovative housing and services for seniors

Opportunity is Knocking

    THE GRAY WAVE IS UPON US. Currently, over 12% of all Americans are aged 65 and over. By the year 2030, it will almost double to 20%!  This demographic tsunami is creating a tremendous demand (and opportunity) for housing and services to meet the needs of this population.  However, this next generation of older adults will not be satisfied with the status quo when it comes to housing and services.  They will demand new and innovative ways to manage the issues of aging while maintaining their active lifestyles. Meeting these demands in a way that is affordable yet profitable to your organization is a complex challenge, requiring the skills and guidance of an experienced guide.


     SeniorLife Solutions is a consulting firm with over 25 years of experience designing, developing, marketing and operating successful communities for senior adults.  We have been there through the many changes in the industry, and we have a unique perspective on where things are going.  Let us guide you to help achieve your goals and dreams for your organization.  We invite you to check us out to determine for yourself if SeniorLife Solutions is a good fit for becoming your senior living guide.


SeniorLife Solutions offers a variety of services to help you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.  We can customize our services to meet your specific needs.


Scott has directly impacted over 30 senior living communities, serving in every conceivable capacity, including front-line sales, facility management, corporate marketing and operations and independent consulting.


We can say a lot about ourselves, but we thought you would benefit from here it from those who have had experience working with Scott MacLean and SeniorLife Solutions over the years.


SeniorLife Solutions, Inc.

5711 Rains Lane 

Indianapolis, IN  46254

Tel: 317-989-9237

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